Sunday, March 2, 2014

Review: Fighting To Stay by Kasey Millstead

5 Sexy Biker Stars!! 

TITLE~ Fighting To Stay
AUTHOR~ Kasey Millstead
GENRE~ Contemporary Romance/Bikers
DATE PUB.~ December 15th 2013
COST/PURCHASED~ $0.99/Amazon

SYNOPSIS~ (From Goodreads)
“Never stay, Lacey. Promise me. Promise right now, that whenever things go bad in life, you will run. Never, ever stay.” 
Lacey Monroe was used to running. When things got bad, when things got dangerous, when there was a chance that she would get hurt – physically or emotionally – she did what her momma said. She ran. She kept running, until she landed in Salt Rock, Alabama. She meets Roam Cooper, the Vice President of the Mayhem Motorcycle Club and for the first time in her life, Lacey considers staying…and then, right before her eyes, her world falls apart. And she runs again.
“No more runnin’, Lacey. ‘Bout time you started fighting to stay.” – Roam.

**This is a stand-alone, full length novel with a happy ever after**

I chose to purchase and read this book as part of my "Biker Challenge". That and I'm a "Biker/MC" book junkie!
I very much enjoyed this book! It was well written with not a lot of typos and/or grammatical errors. I wasn't a fan of some of the time lapses in the book. I feel like the story would have benefitted more from filling in some of the gaps than skipping them entirely. I was also kind of disappointed that there wasn't more interaction within the MC. The story was definitely centered much more around the love story than the bad ass bikers in the MC. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, just a fact. I really did enjoy the story though. If it weren't a stand-alone and a sequel was planned, I would read it without a doubt! 
Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with my first Kasey Millstead book! I plan to read and enjoy other works of hers!

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