Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Review: Ethan (Alluring Indulgence #4) by Nicole Edwards

5 Gorgeous Walker Man Stars!! 

TITLE~ Ethan (Alluring Indulgence #4)
AUTHOR~ Nicole Edwards
GENRE~ M/M Romance
PUBLISHER/DATE PUB.~ SL Independent Publishing, LLC/ January 7, 2014
COST/PURCHASED~ $3.99/Amazon
MY RATING~ 5 Stars

(From Goodreads)
     Ethan is part of the Alluring Indulgence series (#5), however, this book was written to be read as a stand alone book as well. Erotic M/M Romance Mature Audiences How long did it take you to find your place in the world? 
     For Ethan Walker, going through the motions of life, keeping his distance and never getting attached has become the mantra he lives by. Success is measured by how many hours he can work and how little attention he can draw. That was until he landed on Beau Bennett’s radar. Until Beau, Ethan had never met a man who could get him to question his own logic and even consider taking a different path. 
     Beau Bennett knows exactly who he is - now. It might’ve taken him some time to figure it out, but now that he has his bearings, Beau has set his sights on the mysteriously sexy Ethan Walker. Pursuing someone has never been his style, but something is telling him to keep at it because the end result is going to be worth it. 
     Now that they’ve found one another, how long will it take Ethan and Beau to accept that their place in the world is... Together? 
Warning: This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including, but not limited to: m/m encounters, anal sex. Contains graphic material that is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

     I chose to buy and read this book because I am absolutely in love with Nicole Edwards' Alluring Indulgence series!! This was my very first strictly M/M book!
    This was a beautiful love story that was H.O.T! The author does a wonderful job of reeling you in and keeping you hooked from cover to cover! I was slightly leery about breaking into the M/M genre, because I've never read it before and have never really been interested in it either. This book blew every negative thought and trepidation out of the water entirely! My hesitation to read M/M was short-lived anyway, because there was no possible way I could skip a single piece of the Walker family's story! It was very well written, as all of this author's work is. Loved it!

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