Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Flame (Spark #3) by Brooke Cumberland

5 Scorching Hot Stars!! 

TITLE~ Flame
AUTHOR~ Brooke Cumberland
GENRE~ New Adult / Romance
DATE PUB.~ February 3, 2014
COST/PURCHASED~ $0.99 / Amazon

SYNOPSIS~ (From Goodreads)
FLAME is a companion novel in the Spark series, but can be read as a stand alone...
**An erotic romance—Mature audiences only 18+**
Carissa Wright doesn’t do relationships.
Raised with a junkie mother and an alcoholic father, building relationships were far off her list. Rather, one night-stands were her usual.
Carissa has one constant in her life—her best friend Velaney. Completely opposite of each other, yet they balance each other out.
Although Carissa admits to only wanting sex and nothing more, will she allow the one guy who wants to break down her walls or will she run out of fear for finally letting her guard down?
She is unfamiliar with these feelings and wants nothing more than to walk away without a shattered heart. Will she be able to find the courage in order to turn her flame into a long lasting relationship?
With walls built up & emotions turned off, can she learn to put her heart on the line?
Or will each guy just be another flame?
Drew Finlay is a foreign exchange student from London. Studying abroad, he remains focused on school and football. It isn't until he meets Carissa that his consistent routine is interrupted. Knowing very well he'll be heading home in just a matter of months, Drew doesn't pressure Carissa into giving him more than she can give. However, once he falls for her...he isn't giving up.
Control, passion, and desperate.
He'll take her anyway he can have her...

I chose to purchase and read this book because I fell in love with the characters in the first two books, Spark & Burn.
This book is...just WOW! I loved every minute of it and could hardly put it down! I have to say that I think this is Brooke Cumberland's best book yet! That's saying a lot, because I thoroughly enjoyed Spark, Burn, & The Riverside Trilogy.
This book sucks you in and takes you along with Carissa on a journey of self discovery, love, trust, forgiveness, and friendship. I went through a variety of emotions during the course of this book. There were times when I looked at Carissa like "OMG are you serious?". Then there were times when I was so hopeful for her, scared for her, and other times I was elated for her and even completely devastated for her!
Brooke Cumberland seriously turned up the heat in this book! It was HOT from cover to cover in the midst of everything else. There was even a bit of the "50 Shades" appeal happening in there! Brooke rocks erotic romance all the way around!
I have absolutely no complaints about this book whatsoever. It was very well written and flows smoothly. The characters were well developed and I felt like I truly knew them! Way to go once again Brooke!!



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